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Standing out from the crowd in the digital age can be notoriously challenging. The Swedish market is incredibly tech-savvy, with most using the internet daily to find products and services. Competition is cutthroat, and consumers want to trust a business before they buy. To get noticed in Scandinavia, you need a tailored digital PR that helps you build authority within Nordic markets.

AWISEE is a full-service, bespoke Swedish Digital digital PR agency. We have over eight years of experience designing data-led, results-oriented digital PR strategies that help businesses maximise online visibility, establish domain authority and drive organic traffic. Whether you want to enter new Scandinavian markets or maximise your regional visibility in Sweden, AWISEE will craft a personalised strategy that helps your company build trust, convert customers, and generate long-term ROI.

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve helped businesses throughout Sweden launch successful digital PR campaigns that bring tangible results. From Stockholm and Malmö to Uppsala and Örebro, we’ll design a tailored digital PR campaign that raises awareness for your brand, supercharges your SERP rankings and brings sustainable growth to your company.

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What we offer

Backlinks are the cornerstone of any successful digital PR campaign. If you want to build trust in Scandinavian markets, you need to secure links from .se domains relevant to your industry. 

At AWISEE, we source high DR backlinks from reputable websites relevant to your chosen niche. From crypto and cybersecurity to sports betting and real estate, we’ll hand-pick top-quality links that help your business build rock-solid credibility.

Nordic digital PR campaigns tailored to the ambitions of your business

Our multinational SEO agency specialises in market expansion. We collaborate with over 200,000 top-class publishers, news sites and bloggers throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This enables us to empower businesses that want to generate large-scale coverage, increase brand visibility in new markets, and drive new traffic sources to their websites.

Multilingual digital PR that appeals to niche target audiences

If you want to make a name for yourself in Scandinavia, you need a local digital PR team that knows the Nordic markets inside and out. Our multinational SEO team crafts flawless digital PR campaigns in both Swedish and English, letting us adapt our strategies to match your target audience. We’ll secure media coverage from relevant .se, .no and .dk websites to help you maximise regional search visibility and build trust with regional audiences.

We generate traffic with Swedish Digital PR Services

We adapt our Nordic digital PR campaigns to align with business objectives

At AWISEE, we put the needs of your business first. That’s why we tailor our plans to align with your objectives and ambitions. No matter your industry, we’ll work closely with you to design a transparent, measurable digital PR campaign that builds brand awareness, generates leads, and sets your business up for sustainable success.

Swedish Digital PR agency: hand-crafted digital PR campaigns tailored to your industry niche

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of businesses throughout Scandinavia and Europe to design bespoke digital PR strategies that produce visible results. Whether you want to expand into new Scandinavian markets, build authority throughout Latin America, or maximise domestic visibility in Sweden, we’ll design a tailored, holistic digital PR campaign that aligns with your industry, target audience and long-term ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a Swedish business need digital PR?

Digital PR is essential for Swedish businesses because the market is highly competitive, and Scandinavian customers have many choices when it comes to choosing a product or service. To prove that you’re the best on the market, you need a comprehensive digital PR strategy that secures coverage from relative media. This tells customers that your business is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy.

What industries do you serve in Sweden?

We’ve been fortunate enough to gain valuable expertise in hundreds of different industries. Since our launch, we’ve tailored Swedish digital PR campaigns for businesses in sectors like:

Cryptocurrency (NFTs, blockchain, Ethereum, Web3, Fintech)
Cyber security
Hedge fund
Real estate

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