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Making an impact and getting noticed in the law industry is exceptionally difficult. Law firms have a very niche target audience, and the competition to secure clients is cutthroat. To make matters worse, lawyers and solicitors usually have limited options when advertising their services, as they must follow strict legal advertising rules and ethical obligations.

Trying to get your law firm noticed in the oversaturated legal landscape without the right help can feel like a losing battle. To enhance your online visibility, boost organic traffic and convert potential customers into long-term clients, you need a bespoke SEO content and link-building strategy that improves your search engine ranking and secures valuable clients.

AWISEE has eight years of experience designing customised, results-oriented SEO campaigns that cater to the legal niche. We understand that each law firm requires a unique approach, which is why we personalise each of our SEO campaigns to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to build a positive online reputation, improve client conversion rate or outrank your local competition, our multinational law SEO agency will optimise a data-driven strategy that aligns with your ambitions.

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Avoid unnecessary penalties and grow your long-term customer base with a bespoke SEO strategy optimised for success within the Law sector. Empowering Law sites to enhance online visibility and achieve long-term success.

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What we offer

Native content strategies that appeal to local audiences

Law firms must take advantage of local SEO to bring in clients. Having a highly specific target audience means it’s vital that your content appeals to the right people.

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve helped businesses in Europe, Latin America and Asia create tailored, localised strategies that resonate with niche domestic audiences. Our multilingual team can design native content, incorporating keywords and phrases relevant to your niche, helping your business establish credibility, enhance organic traffic and build a long-term loyal clientele.

Authoritative digital PR campaigns that build rock-solid reputations

A law firm lives and dies by its reputation. That’s why our authoritative digital PR campaigns are designed to help you establish positive relationships and build rock-solid reputability. We collaborate with over 200,000 publishers, journalists and bloggers worldwide, using targeted SEO outreach strategies that showcase your expertise. In return, you’ll gain first-class exposure from relevant media outlets and earn authoritative backlinks that will inspire trust and confidence in your clients for years to come.

Building trust in international markets as a law firm can be tough. To start gaining valuable clients on a global scale, you need to prove your credibility and show your expertise. At AWISEE, we specialise in securing relevant backlinks from authoritative international sites to help lawyers and solicitors gain a foothold in international markets. Whether you want to grow in Europe, Latin America or Asia, our team of link-building experts will make it a priority to help you enhance your global footprint.

We generate traffic with Law SEO Services

We help law firms convert potential customers into long-term clients.

We know that every law firm is different. That’s why we set aside the time to learn about your audience, competitors, location, and objectives. Whether you want to expand your global footprint or outrank the domestic competition, AWISEE will handcraft a strategy that helps you build your reputation, drive valuable traffic to your website, and secure long-term clients.

AWISEE: Your law firm SEO agency

Ready to start outperforming the competition? Our bespoke, data-driven SEO content and link-building campaigns are designed to help you resonate with your target audience, build a long-term clientele and establish domain authority in both global and domestic markets. 

When you opt for AWISEE, you’re opting for an agency that knows the legal industry inside and out. We’ll make it our priority to create a custom strategy that brings tangible results while aligning with your unique objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do law firms need SEO?

Competition in the legal industry is cutthroat, and clients want to trust a law firm before they choose them. To outrank the competition, inspire trust in your audience and build a long-term clientele, you need an SEO strategy that boosts your rankings, establishes authority and drives traffic to your business.

How long will it take to see results?

You can generally expect to see results within the first three months. However, SEO for law firms is about consistency, sustainability and continuous optimisation. We aim to set our clients up for long-term growth

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